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What we treat

Sciatica Pain
Neck Pain
Shoulder Pain
Hip Pain
Knee Pain
Foot Pain
Ankle Pain
Elbow, Wrist, And Hand Pain
Balance And Gait Disorders
Chronic Pain
Dizziness & Vertigo
Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries
Neurological Conditions
Pelvic Pain
Prenatal/Postnatal Pain
Pre-Surgical Physical Therapy
Post-Surgical Rehab
Sports Injuries
TMJ Dysfunction
Work Injuries

Specializing in LASER THERAPY!

Drug Free, Surgery Free, Pain Free.

While we emphasize the spine and orthopedic rehabilitation services,
Bodywise Physical Therapy is a full-service physical therapy provider – ready to help you return to your pre-injury state with maximum recovery is our goal.

 ORTHOPEDIC INJURIES: Treatment for all acute and chronic injuries to the spine, shoulder, elbow, wrist/hand, hip, knee, and foot/ankle.

 SPINE PROGRAM: Herniated/bulging disks, stenosis, scoliosis, strains, arthritic changes, sciatica



• PEDIATRICS: All pediatric orthopedic injuries or bone/joint issues related to growth

• CHRONIC PAIN: Headaches, fibromyalgia, myofascial pain


Are you experiencing pain, numbness, burning, tingling, or loss of feeling because of neuropathy? It is estimated that 42.5 million Americans suffer from neuropathy with few good solutions. Pain That Changes Lives The pain and loss of function that some experience with neuropathy is so significant that their quality of life is dramatically reduced. It is not uncommon for some to • Entirely lose feeling in their feet and hands • Frequently fall because of loss of sensation • Suffer debilitating pain that limits their enjoyment of life Don’t Ignore Your Neuropathy If left untreated, neuropathy can develop into a serious disorder and lead to permanent nerve damage.

Class IV laser therapy

PROVEN 90% EFFECTIVE – Class IV laser therapy is a drug-free, non-surgical solution for neuropathy. It has been proven in clinical trials to be 90% effective at treating the symptoms of neuropathy with no observed complications.
Source: The effect of photobiomodulation on chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy: A randomized, sham-controlled clinical trial. Argenta, et al. Gynecologic Oncology 144 (2017) 159-166

Lymphedema Management

Do you have swelling in the arms or legs due to a disruption of lymph fluid?  Have you had surgery to remove your lymph nodes in the underarm, groin, or pelvic area? Are you having trouble wearing clothing or jewelry due to swelling?  Do you experience weakness, numbness, pain, or swelling because of cancer treatment?  We can help you be more comfortable and feel so much better.  We will listen to you and respect your concerns.  Our Certified Lymphedema Specialist trained in Complex Lymphatic Therapy can help control the swelling and get you back to activity again.


Better in, Better out.  This phrase over simplifies the fact that rehab before surgery will lead to better outcomes.  Bodywise is the best stop for pre-surgery training as well as physical therapy after surgery.  Studies have shown that therapeutic exercise before and after surgery will help postoperative outcomes by improving your ability to return to normal activities and reducing the complication and mortality rate.

We’re pleased to offer the only spinal decompression unit in the area!


Worried about back surgery?  Try this first before going under the knife.  Want your back to feel younger again?  Spinal decompression allows more movment with less discomfort.

Our spinal program continues to be a success with our patients. To speed recovery for these patients, Bodywise has added a targeted spinal decompression unit to the clinic. This is a machine that decompresses the intervertebral space, relieving pressure to the vertebral structures and providing a negative pressure to the disc, allowing reduction of a disc bulge or herniation. This machine allows us to target the specific vertebrae level (either cervical or lumbar) involved with the patient’s problem. 

This treatment has been approved by the FDA and is proven to help with acute and chronic spinal conditions. In addition to being able to treat all the lumbar vertebrae specifically, we can also target specific cervical levels using this machine. 


Return to the activities you love and get freedom from pain with IASTM.

Bodywise is proud to provide an instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) technique called Graston.  The Graston technique enables physical therapists to detect and effectively break down scar tissue and fascial restrictions, as well as improve joint range of motion.

Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization is accepted nationwide by elite athletes and everyday patients, as one of the most effective treatments for rehabilitation and range of motion maintenance, especially when combined with other treatment modalities such as exercise.


Trusted by millions to jumpstart healting and reduce pain.

Bodywise is now certified to provide dry needling. Needling is a treatment that uses thin filament like needles to penetrate the skin and stimulate the underlying tissue It is used in the management of  nerve pain, muscle tightness and joint movement issues. Dry needling is an effective treatment for many types of long lasting pain without many side effects.  Although there is some minor discomfort, it is usually followed by a reduction of pain and improvement in function. This service is covered by most insurances but is also offered on a fee for service basis.


A treatment that has stood the testaments of time.  Like professional athletes, utilize cupping to get your body ready for a return to activity.

This is an ancient form of medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. People get it for many purposes, including to help with pain, swelling, relaxation, increased blood flow, and as a type of deep-tissue release.


Bodywise now offers spinal manipulation, or “high velocity low amplitude thrust manipulation”

These techniques utilize a rapid impulse, or thrust, in order to achieve a gaping and subsequent cavitation of the target joint. Joint cavitation is accompanied by an audible release recognized as a ‘popping’, or ‘cracking’, sound.

Manipulation is used to facilitate movement, decrease/ relieve pain, increase circulation, relax muscles and improve muscle function. This technique coupled with exercise and other manual techniques has been proven to improve mobility and enhance results of physical therapy.

These manipulations are preformed by a physical therapist who has received additional training through the Spinal Manipulation Institute to ensure safe and effective treatment.

Schedule an appointment at a time most convenient for you!

Schedule an appointment at a time most convenient for you!