Patient Reviews

Here’s what our patients are saying!

“Dear Karen and Ryan, I can’t thank you enough for the excellent care I received at Bodywise. I’ve had many physical therapy sessions in various settings. Yours is tops. Along with the treatments, you also gave me valuable advice that helped me gain and keep my goal to be pain free.”

“Both my daughter and myself had a very positive experience. Karen was able to accurately treat and correct the problem and develop a personal relationship so that my daughter wanted to work for her. She is better now than she was before her injury. I consider our experience a total success.”

“I cannot say enough about how great Karen and Ryan are at Bodywise. As long as I’m in the surrounding area, I will not go anywhere else! Although my injury led me to need surgery despite physical therapy, I will 100% return to see Ryan at Bodywise once I am cleared post-op -wise!”

“Great care, administered by super, great people!”

“I think both Karen and I were getting a little discouraged with the pain I was experiencing this past summer — BUT something worked! My lower back seems to feel fine now; all that agony and worry over 4th of July weekend is almost completely forgotten! Thank you!”

“The most personal and helpful physical therapy I have ever had–a great pair of therapists. If I need to go again this is where I’ll come.”

“I felt at ease to tell them my problems. They had all the telephone numbers if I needed outside ideas. When I went each day, they were ready and kept a good report of what the aims and goals were. A very clean place. The family atmosphere was nice.”

“Ryan and Karen are very personable. I was treated with respect and compassion.”

“Very professional, calm, peaceful atmosphere.”

“Karen was very thorough with my problems. I wasn’t sure how to get back my inner strength and she knew exactly what to do. I am very grateful for her help and expertise in her field. Thank you for your support and care during my illness.”

“Both Karen and Ryan are professional, courteous and caring. They are very easy to work with.”

“My experience was great and I have no pain in my hip now! Thanks so much”

“A mighty fine experience! Thank you one and all!”

“Had a great experience- I know I’ll be back!”

“Both Ryan and Karen are very knowledgeable, professional, understanding and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone!”

“The care and knowledge at this clinic is exceptional and there is a genuine commitment to the wellness of the patient. “

“There is no other physical therapy location I would ever go to! You continue to amaze me- your professionalism and caring bedside manner cannot be matched!”

“Thank you so much for helping me regain my strength. I could not have done it without you. I will definitely be back if I ever need additional therapy.”

“Karen, I just wanted you to know that thanks to your, at a wedding this weekend I spent the night “boot stomping” on the dance floor with not so much as a twinge the next day!”

“Great experience at Bodywise. Treatment was more personal than what I’ve experienced at other centers.”

“Thank you so much Ryan for helping me to make such great progress with my knee. Things are going well- have started skiing and taking other exercise classes outside of aqua class.”

“Ryan was very helpful with my therapy. He told me what to do and “not” to do. Hopefully I will be able to bear and deer hunt this year without any problems. Thanks!”

“Excellent!! Nowhere else I would go!”

“Bodywise is by far the best physical therapy I could have asked for. They are very professional. I tell everyone about it.”

“You make your patients feel like one of the family at the same time being able to maintain your professionalism. I would refer family and friends to your facility.”

“I enjoyed my experience at this facility with all of the staff here from start to finish. I felt valued as a person. I had no doubt about the expertise and how my therapist dealt with and educated me with regards to my injury.”

“Ryan was excellent! Very professional and spot on with his diagnosis and treatment. One visit did it all. Exercises he told me to do cured the problem.”

“Always feel welcome here. Very comfortable environment to work on getting better. Feels like going to work-out in a room in our own home. Doing a great job for our little community of Epping. Keep up the great job!”

“I can’t say enough about their care. They are so personable and caring about their patients. Thank you so much!”

“Very pleasant, very happy, would definitely recommend to others. Excellent facility and therapists!”

“Easily the best place I’ve been to for physical therapy. Great people, fun environment and would recommend to anyone.”

“Not only did my therapist solve the problem, I was also taught how to keep it from recurring! I highly recommend you both to everyone!”

“Will still highly recommend Bodywise to anyone needing physical therapy. Very personable, very knowledgeable, and extremely well-priced.”

“Can’t say enough good things!”

“Excellent professional care by caring therapists. Also a very friendly atmosphere.”

“Wish all physical therapists were as professional, caring and easy to talk with as Karen and Ryan are.”

“Fantastic service!! Welcoming, professional, and extremely helpful!”

“It’s always a pleasure to know, (Karen and Ryan) that you will do your very best to help me get better from my ailments. Not only are you knowledgeable in the science of the body, you are very sympathetic with the pain I go through. I recommend you all the time.”

“I am very satisfied with my treatment. Currently no hip pain at all!”

“Thank you Ryan and Karen! I will recommend your services to anyone that may need them. I also thank you for listening to me when I needed to talk. I miss you very much and I may pop in. Many, many thanks!”

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Michelle’s Broken Leg:

“When I came to Bodywise on my broken leg, I was on crutches. I had yet to even put any weight on the leg. With the help of Karen and Ryan, I am now walking, and even can run again! Each time I went to physical therapy, I saw more improvement in weightbearing as well as range of motion. I have full range of motion back again and feel so much better. Karen and Ryan’s approach, reminding me that I would be back to normal again, even through tough times, was the backbone of the success I have experienced. Thanks Karen and Ryan!”

– Michelle, Lee NH

Kathy the Runner:

“I’m a runner. You probably know one of us. We’re stubborn. We run in weather that’s dangerous and compete whenever possible. We are able to ignore minor injuries – after all, no pain, no gain, right? Wrong! After successfully completing a marathon and a summer series of shorter road races I discovered some pain. “Ignore it,” I told myself. Generally, that doesn’t really work, but always worth a shot when I don’t want to stop running. However, when the pain was so excruciating that I could barely walk… I did what every runner should do. I visited my doctor.

After a series of exams, x-rays, etc., it was determined that I was experiencing a compressed vertebrae along with some swelling on the nerve that was causing a sciatica type of pain. My doctor decided to send me to a physical therapist and then she made the best mistake possible. While thinking she was sending me to one place, she actually sent me to Bodywise in Epping. I was leery at first – nervous that I might not get to run again. What I discovered was a cheerful husband/wife team-run clinic where I felt like part of the family after the first visit.

Karen was my primary therapist. She explained clearly what was wrong with my back and then drew up a treatment plan that lasted 6-8 weeks. It included great stretching, eventually some weight lifting and running on the treadmill, and always ended with my favorites – the decompression machine and the heating pad with electrical stimulation.

Not only am I fully recovered, but I was able to shovel wet, heavy snow in the most recent storm, without back pain!! Karen was great about showing me techniques for everyday tasks like picking something up off the floor, proper posture, and of course, shoveling snow.

I was able to experience Ryan’s care as well and he is certainly of equal ability. Both Ryan and Karen are friendly and quick to make patients feel comfortable. Although I hope not to need to return, if ever I do, I would not hesitate to return to Bodywise, the best mistake my doctor ever made!”

“Off and running,”

– Kathy, Hampton NH