Laser Therapy for Pain & Inflammation

Class IV Laser therapy at Bodywise Physical Therapy can achieve unparalleled therapeutic effects including management of swelling, reduction in pain, faster tissue healing and increased blood flow.

What is Class IV Laser Therapy?

Bodywise Physical Therapy in Epping and Stratham use a Summus Medical Laser that has been respected in both the medical and veterinarian world for some time.  Class IV Laser Therapy can help decrease inflammation and pain in acute, chronic, superficial, or deep conditions by increasing circulation and enhancing tissue repair. 

“It was a life saver. I was in incredible pain and had numbness and tingling. It was totally gone and has not returned. It took only 5 short pain free treatments!!!” —Kimberly G

Laser Therapy Near Me

Bodywise Physical Therapy’s website highlights our laser therapy and defines their benefits.  Both Bodywise Physical Therapy Epping and Bodywise Physical Therapy & Wellness Stratham offer this new and innovative technology without any wait.