3 Ways to Stop Arthritis Pain

Did you know that 91 million adults and 300 thousand children have arthritis in the US?  We want to give you 3 ways to deal with arthritis and slow it’s progress.  

6 Types of Arthritis

There are 3 main types of arthritis and a few subcategories.  The main types are Osteoarthritis, inflammatory arthritis, and septic arthritis.   Subsets of osteoarthritis include primary and secondary osteoarthritis.  Inflammatory arthritis includes sub categories of rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and crystal-induced arthritis.  

3 Actions You Can Take

1.  Things you need to do more of:

    a.  Be more active.  Motion is lotion for your joints!

    b.  Maintain a healthy weight

    c.  In pain?  Get some rest and decrease your activity.

2.  Things you need to do less:

    a.  Not moving when in pain.  Rest your joints but by decreasing activity and changing how you move.  Not moving at all will increase your symptoms.

    b.  Being active in activities that cause excessive compression on your joints.  

    c.  Stop waiting for treatment.  Even if you have mild symptoms, you should talk with your MD about ways to improve your life. 

3.  How to Change Your Lifestyle

    a.  Talk with your MD and change your diet

    b.  Utilize devices that make you more mobile

    c.  Seek out help if you are still in pain.