Neuropathy Treatment

Bodywise Physical Therapy & Wellness has a treatment for peripheral neuropathy without drugs, injections, and or surgery!

What is Neuropathy?

Do you suffer from numbness, pain when you walk, tingling, electric-like pain, and difficulty sleeping due to leg discomfort?  All of these can be symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. Long terms symptoms cause can be unsteadiness on feet, trouble with stairs, trouble feeling the gas/brake pedal, and night pain.

Neuropathy Treatment That Works

We now offer laser treatment specifically for peripheral neuropathy.  How does it work? With peripheral neuropathy, nerves have decrease blood flow and a decrease in depolarization of the nerve rendering the nerve unable to work.  The laser increases circulation, tissue oxygenation, and cell energy. It also reduces pain, decreases inflammation, and promotes tissue healing. What does that mean? It increases blood flow to the damaged nerves and reverses the inability of nerve depolarization which basically jump-starts the nerve into working again!  Symptoms are being reduced by up to 90%.